The tutors who you will be matched up with are Champlain College students that have been carefully selected by their success in various classes. These tutors receive training from their English teacher and then pass on their knowledge on how to approach class matter to you. By clicking on the links below you will be able to glimpse a brief description of each subject the tutors can help you with, and a little information about themselves.

Learning Center Tutors

Writing Center Tutors

To reserve an hour with a tutor sign your name in the schedule book located at the door of the Writing Center, B307. You will be matched for a 1 hour, fixed weekly meeting where you may discuss relevant subject matter. This service is absolutely free, and you can drop your sessions at any time. According to the College’s internal statistics, peer tutors help over 90% of the students they were working with finish their courses with grades at or higher than they expected without tutoring. Also, nearly 100% of the students tutored report feeling that tutoring helped them to become more independent learners.

The Science Centre (B302) and The Mathematics Support Centre (B303) drop-in schedules are available at the Learning Centre on the second floor of the library in B-309.